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    One Incident That Changed My Life

    One Incident That Changed My Life

    It was June last year, when I was preparing for a job interview. On the day of the interview, just before leaving I realized that my wallet had gone missing. It was a gorgeous expensive one gifted to me by a very dear friend. So at first, I freaked out. Later, I freaked out some […]

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    Indian Marrieges

    Why do Indian Girls Need Permission of Their Parents to Marry a Guy of Their Choice

    The answer to this is very simple. The reason why Indian girls still seek permission from their parents for marrying the guy of their choice can be rooted back to the differences in parenting techniques in Indian parents and other parents in the West. Indian kids are brought up in such a way that they […]

  • How To Start a Conversation With a Strangers

    How To Start a Conversation With a Strangers? – Must Read For All

    In today’s fast-moving world, it is imperative to know how to start a conversation with strangers. From a long journey in a crowded metro to boring queues outside ATMs and banks, a natural pep talk with a stranger can excite your life everywhere. And you never know how a random talk with a stranger can […]

  • Soups

    10 Classic Mouth Watering Dishes To Keep You Warm in Winters

    When it comes to cold-weather freezing winter comfort food, it’s tough to beat the Indian dishes; with dishes like chicken soups, Mutton Paya, Veggie Korma and lots of providing a tasty respite from a chilly January day. If you’re craving a taste of Old Blighty, check out these recipes that are so good, you may […]

  • Planned Schedule For Each Other.

    10 Signs That Your Relationship Is Worth Keeping

    Every coin has two sides, and one is the head, and another is a tail. This thing is applied in every phase of life even relationship doesn’t escape from this. All relationships are having good times and bad times and those who survived in bad times and accept the challenge then only those relations are […]

  • Be Exposed

    10 Love Resolutions For Better Relationship in 2017

    Forget giving up chocolates, joining gym from next year, do the collection of shoes or jackets is now old fashion. We are now in 2017, so make your resolution something different or unique like relationship goals or making boyfriend or girlfriend. You must try something new this year; make this as your 2017 resolution. 10 […]

  • your ex

    What was The Last Thing You Said to Your EX?

    The last thing that I said to my ex-was: “You should find a girl lower on self-esteem for yourself.” What was The Last Thing You Said to Your EX? The reason I said so was that I felt I wasn’t given the treatment that I was probably worthy of. But now, that all of this […]

  • Make Instant Weekend Plans

    What Are The Advantages of Being Single? – Must Check For Youngsters

    1. Being Financially Independent You dont have to spend hours searching for gifts/cards/diys for your partner on so many occasions, birthdays, Valentines day and what not! You can rather have a bucket list of your own and save and spend like crazy on everything you have wished for. Not just gifts, you can save bigtime […]

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