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  • Write that down!

    Life Lessons You Should Start Consider Now

    Life lessons by all standards must take a lifetime! Yet there are little things which are missed out on and stay on the ” wish I __ this” list.. 1 . Just Do It! Feel very strongly about doing something but there are ‘problems’?? Well, problems are there forever! What could get worse is the […]

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    Take Bath Together

    16 Intimate Things Every Couple Should Do At Least Once in Life

    Now all of us are very busy in our daily schedule, and modern life has changed the life of many peoples and from these couples has also suffered, which results in cutting their valuable time together. To keep the relation strong and happiest the couples must try anything silly once in their lifetime which we […]

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    moles on face

    Do You Have Moles On Your Face? Find Out What Does They Really Mean?

    Moles on Face – Moles are the marks which are found on the different parts of the body, it can be you face or your foot toe. According to various astrologist specifically Indian and Chinese, moles are interpreted as representing the destiny of a person. There are different kind of influences by different planets that […]