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How To Start a Conversation With a Strangers

How To Start a Conversation With a Strangers

In today’s fast-moving world, it is imperative to know how to start a conversation with strangers. From a long journey in a crowded metro to boring queues outside ATMs and banks, a natural pep talk with a stranger can excite your life everywhere. And you never know how a random talk with a stranger can end up in a special and long lasting friendship.So here are some tips to help you polish your skills on starting a conversation with a stranger:

Study before you starts: Make sure you just go out there and start blabbering things by yourself. Try and observe the person you are going to begin talking to. Once you observe the person, you can make a guess as to how the person is and what kind of a conversation might interest him/her.

Don’t sound desperate: Irrespective of how desperate you actually may be, make sure you don’t show it! Because that is a major turn off no matter what your gender is. So don’t quickly jump into trying to exchange phone numbers or even asking questions that the other person may not be comfortable in answering, such as: “Where do you stay “. It may not be a big deal to you but sharing such information may not be very comfortable for another person (especially a girl). Also, avoid touches, even casual ones such as a high-five in the start. It is nothing but a super desperate attempt to appear calm and over-friendly.

Make an Eye contact: Look straight into the eyes of the person you are talking to. Not only does that make you look confident about yourself, but looking elsewhere may also cause discomfort. Looking into the eyes of the person and keeping a warm smile will make you look more interested in the conversation and also comfort the person.

Be a listener: To start a good conversation with someone, it is important that you become a good listener first. Start an interesting topic to engage the person and also make sure what he/she has to say about it. Try to be as good a listener as you are a speaker. Don’t just lay emphasis on all the saying, learn to listen.

Don’t Fake it: Most people will know when you are faking it, and once they do, they will just not be interested in talking to you at all. Speak in a language that you are comfortable and confident in. You don’t know the person yet so don’t worry about impressing him/her already.  Be yourself and be the best version. Don’t lie about things you haven’t done before, places where you haven’t been, etc. because the last thing you want to do, is to lose your credibility.

Be Selective of what you say:  You don’t have to start a conversation the same way each time. Just because it has worked once, it does not mean that it will always work! You have to know what to say in different situations. For example, if you accidently run into someone who seems familiar, you could ask if you have met before and how you find him/her familiar. You could also ask what brings him to the venue.

Talk about common interests: Try to find common interests and begin talking about them.If you are talking about something that interests both of you, it is more likely that you will have more knowledge on the topic and the conversation becomes more interesting. In case you are into a discussion with conflicting opinions, make sure you put your ideas forward, but, without being argumentative. Be enthusiastic to learn the other person’s opinions and learn to appreciate them.

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