Why do Indian Girls Need Permission of Their Parents to Marry a Guy of Their Choice

Indian Marrieges

Indian Marrieges

The answer to this is very simple. The reason why Indian girls still seek permission from their parents for marrying the guy of their choice can be rooted back to the differences in parenting techniques in Indian parents and other parents in the West.

Indian kids are brought up in such a way that they are expected to learn from examples rather than from mistakes. Always being under the shelter of our parents, and them being the better decision makers, guide us through all walks of our lives. As good as this “spoon feeding” may sound, it has many drawbacks. Since every decision of ours is made under the supervision of our parents, even our choice of marrying a guy of our choice is expected to be made only after their approval.

Since we haven’t yet made any significant decisions ourselves, our decision of choosing a life partner is also expected to be made by them. Even though we are old enough to understand what kind of a person may be good for us, they still consider us to be their little kids who can’t make decisions for themselves. And one can’t even blame the parents entirely. Since we have not shown them how responsible and decisive we can be all our lives, one beautiful day when we come up making one of the most important decisions of life, how can we expect our parents to trust our decisions?

There are also some Indian families, where parents have seen their kids grow into mature, understanding individuals and approve of their daughter’s choice for marriage. It is only because they trust their children more because their daughters have proven that in the past. They have given their kids an independent life and seen them learn from their mistakes in the past. Children in the West live away more independent life at a much younger age and not just in financial terms.Right from the age of seventeen, they live by themselves, earn for themselves, and they see life much more carefully as compared to their counterparts in India who live a much-sheltered life till then. Being more exposed to the realities of life, their parents consider them to be wise enough even in choosing their life partners.

So if you think you might want your parents to consider your choice of guy for your marriage, it is your duty also to prove your worth. You have to show them that you can be a real decision maker and that you do understand what is good for you and your future. ☺

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