10 Love Resolutions For Better Relationship in 2017

Be Exposed

Forget giving up chocolates, joining gym from next year, do the collection of shoes or jackets is now old fashion. We are now in 2017, so make your resolution something different or unique like relationship goals or making boyfriend or girlfriend. You must try something new this year; make this as your 2017 resolution.

10 Love Resolutions For Better Relationship in 2017

Also, it is an excellent time to make it as we are approaching towards the Valentine week, as we all know Valentine’s Day can be the perfect time to commit to love resolutions.
What are the love resolutions you have made till now? And if you haven’t made any then we can help you out with the same.

1. Schedule Your Time Together

Schedule Your Time Together

Everyone is busy with their schedule life now days; they can’t even give time to their partner with this life. So make your first New Year resolution to spend some special time together on priority basis if you want your relation to be strong and lovable.

2. Learn How To Cook Together

Learn How To Cook Together

Cooking delicious food together will bring out the best in most of us, this result in your beginning and execution towards new step. Make this act the initiation of doing more household activities. Don’t worry if you are not married, you can still try this activity to build up your relation more strong.

3. A Lot of Laughing

A Lot of Laughing

Your next resolution for 2017 would be laugh a lot, this activity would bring you closer to your partner and also help you to spend each other company in a better way and make this habit from this coming Valentine day only. You can do this by watching funny movies together; doing funny things like games or just hang out with some crazy things only.

4. Saying “I Love You” on Priority

Saying “I Love You” on Priority

The most important thing in relation is saying I Love You to your partner. Make this habit in 2017 to say “I Love You” often again and again; this activity will definitely turn you up. If you ever know the importance of these three words then you should also know the impact of these words. So go on and make this resolution for 2017.

5. Looking Each Other While Talking

Looking Each Other While Talking

Tell yourself that you will look into his/her eyes while talking anytime, anywhere this will bring you confidence while talking and force you to trust your partner too.

6. Start Travelling Together

Start Travelling Together

You should start travelling together as more as you can, this will make you feel comfortable. Besides exploring inner beauty you can explore the nature, environment coz by doing this you can know about each other weakness, limitations and strengths too.

7. Be Childish

Be Childish

Today’s life is very hectic and busy due to which we can’t even give time to our self then how we can think that we can give time to our partner too. We all have a choice how to live life either we can choose this busy life or we can become child sometime who refreshes you mind. A childish activity would bring joy and happiness on your face.

8. Work Out Together

Work Out Together

Make a 2017 resolution to work out together in Gym. This will give you more time to spend with each other either in gym doing workout or in park while doing jogging or for a night walk. This results strong bonding between both of you and moreover your body will be fit.

9. Always Listen To Carefully Your Love

Always Listen To Carefully Your Love

Building trust is the biggest reason to live long in your relationship. For this, the best way is to listen carefully to your partner and try to do that thing with love and affection, not always but when you think that your partner is correct. Always remember in your relationship life that love is a give and take activity, the more you give love to your partner the more you get in return. Make 2017 the year to listen your partner with love and patience.

10. Be Exposed

Be Exposed

Always try to stay open in the relationship because in relationships it is very important to let down your guard and let the real person comes out so that your partner will know you genuinely. Being exposed allows you to form deeper and stronger relationships with your partner. If you let your past go and your past is not hurting you than you can easily think about your future with your partner.

If it is possible to make this resolution as your 2017 resolutions than I can guarantee you that your relation would be long lasting.

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