One Incident That Changed My Life

One Incident That Changed My Life

One Incident That Changed My Life

It was June last year, when I was preparing for a job interview. On the day of the interview, just before leaving I realized that my wallet had gone missing. It was a gorgeous expensive one gifted to me by a very dear friend. So at first, I freaked out. Later, I freaked out some more. It was only after my mom dragged me out of the house that I finally left.

Anyway, it was a nice day and I was fortunate enough to have got the job. I was ecstatic and was hoping to jump into my dad’s arms on reaching home. Instead, when I reached home dad chose to discuss the events that occurred before I left for the interview instead of congratulating me.

But that turned out to be one of the biggest lessons I learnt in my life! My dad, that day explained to me the importance of having a calm mind. It is rather strange how life throws the weirdest of challenges at the most unexpected times, when you are the least prepared. But what life expects us to do, is remain calm. Accept challenges with grace and deal with them with a clear mind.

  • It is not important to react to situations /people instantly. Silence is sometimes the best answer.
  • Think before you act /react so that you do not regret later. Don’t do something permanently stupid because you are temporarily upset.
  • Whenever you feel that you might over react to a situation, just think: will this make a difference to you five years down the line? (In my case, losing a wallet wouldn’t have, in fact losing that job would have affected my career, great deal!).
  • When you face a challenge in life, try not listening to your heart. Because it might make you do things that will comfort you in the moment. Think smart, think practical. Don’t let emotions outweigh your intelligence.
  • Nothing is so bitter that a calm mind cannot comfort .Always remember: Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against all your challenges.

The situation I was in wasn’t even probably anything major .But what it got me into thinking and the lessons I learnt from them definitely were .It is these small incidents in life that can make major differences in your life, if you bother to think deeper into them. With everything that goes wrong in your life, don’t just let them be, make sure you look into them , realize what and why went wrong and learn from everything .

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