What Are The Advantages of Being Single? – Must Check For Youngsters

Make Instant Weekend Plans

1. Being Financially Independent

Being Financially Independent

You dont have to spend hours searching for gifts/cards/diys for your partner on so many occasions, birthdays, Valentines day and what not! You can rather have a bucket list of your own and save and spend like crazy on everything you have wished for. Not just gifts, you can save bigtime from those fancy dates at high-end restaurants that charge a bomb for just bland, unseasoned and mild- tasting cuisines

2. Phone A Friend

Phone A Friend

Like literally.Phone calls /messages etc will be limited to family and friends, or people who genuinely belong to your circle. Besides the energy and money that you would otherwise invest in constant recharges, bill payments, night calls, maintaining the “other” sim, you also get to be least bothered when your phone gets discharged before going to bed. Because you know no one is going to need you now! And so you can have a nice, peaceful, uninterrupted beauty sleep at night with your phone buried far-far away!

3. Rule The Social Media:

Rule The Social Media

Accept friend requests, send requests, post pictures, check-ins, tags ,comments likes – do it all you want your way. There won’t be a constant nagging about the pics you are liking or the comments that you are reacting to. You can actually go out there , share memories, pictures, thoughts, opinions, ideas and create your own social identity without worrying about how it may/may not afftect your partner’s .

4. Be Selfish And Work On Yourself:

Be Selfish And Work On Yourself

Know and understand yourself. Create self awareness. Know your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Become the best version of you. Become selfish, place yourself on top of your priorities and gotten so busy improving yourself with each passing day that you do not have the time to criticize, complain and crib about how unfair life is .

Improve yourself also in terms of your skill sets. Do everything you are passionate about and good at. Try things that you may not be good at. Get experiences, fail, rise, learn and see everyday as an opportunity to improve yourself. Single-hood isn’t just the time when you look for someone, it is actually the time when you look for yourself and focus on your well being.

5. Make Instant Weekend Plans:

Make Instant Weekend Plans

Your weekends are not restricted to spending “quality” time with your partner .Neither do you have to inform or seek permission for other plans. You can go ahead and make instant plans on weekends, travel with friends or solo (even better) and not have to worry about screwing a relationship.

You get to spend the weekend in any which way you want : sleep, binge eat, travel, party or catch up with friends.

6. Last Slice of Pizza is Yours:

Last Slice of Pizza is Yours

Isn’t this the best part ! When you dont have to be all lovey dovey while sharing your pizza , you have the topping of your choice and all the pizza to yourself !

7. Flirt Fearlessly

Flirt Fearlessly

Remember the goosebumps you got when that cute guy from the club calls you the next morning? Well you could experience that almost every week now ! You can step up and talk to strangers, flirt, go on dates and enjoy dates without even actually being in a relationship. You are open to meeting old friends and making new ones, friends of friends, strangers, understand people, develop your social circle and recreate your social life. You single-handedly get to choose the peoplethe people you want to keep close to you.

There are no obligations towwards your partners’s friends, family, boss, colleagues etc.

8. Wait For This One

Wait For This One

you can go weeks without waxing, shaving, shaping your eyebrows etc without having to care ! You get to do these things only on need basis because no one is going to be noticing you all the time .So while on days you get to get to deck up and hit the bar and flirt around , you can also days just lazying around at home with funny-shaped eyebrows and with hands not manicured.

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